My shits in boxes: the story of my car not being built.

So, my car is down right now, it currently looks like this..
In this pic you can kind of see my block, in a box with a towel over it under my bumper on the left, pretty awesome stuff.
And its looked like that for probably the last 3 months.. well, except the motor being yanked like 3 weeks ago..

I got bored one day and kinda put my brakes on, but didnt bleed them because I got lazy and there was noone else there.
And heres a bunch of sweet shit in boxes, and the best swiffer vac ever.
My head, in a box.
New wiring harness
More shit in boxes.
Shit taken out of its box.
More shit in a box.
And then I got bored and painted my intake manifold, except only the upper half because I didnt have any allen keys to pull the TB off and I got over doing it.
My crank in a bag, and my bellhousing on top of a box, and a bunch of other shit thrown in boxes.
And I got a few more sweet boxes with shit in them, But I didnt take any pictures.
S14.. Currently motorless.

Very nice boxes of parts lol, I'm in the same boat! Still need to install 460s, Megasquirt, WB02, dual feed rail, working boost gauge, intercooler piping, etc.


Werd, I just need to hopefully get a little dough for x-mas, sell some shit off my old motor, and finish up with this.. because not driving my car blows.
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Hell yeah, money for xmas = finished cars.

Whenever I just ask for car parts for xmas, it's like I'm asking for crack.

People don't like it...

At least you have boxes of stuff. I have parts that I need to ship out which means I have to box them, put up money, and get them back. I'm a few steps behind on my next parts.
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Update: Shits not done yet.

Head is being deburred, valves lapped, assembled, and shimmed.

Wiring harness is being modified and having some baller custom shit put in it, like sweet ass deutsch connectors like these being put in for various cool stuffs.
And it looks like I might sell my KA turbo kit this week and get the money I need to finish up buying the last few pieces I need, and get a rom tune, and then hopefully the week after that my friend is going to assemble the motor.


Oh yeah, and I had a spare front bumper so I went and cut it out to make a huge ass opening for the FMIC because Im a ricer. It turned out pretty sweet, I'll take some pics when I find a camera. I'll probably use it as a track bumper, or just to stunt around when I wanna act like Im a baller or something.

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