Be sure to replace that timing belt first.
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Secret squirrel wrote:^^^and headgasket...hahah


Not until about 16-17 psi, hes long good till he boosts to that range wich he shouldnt do until he has further fuel upgrades including - gm maf, gm maf adaptor, 550cc injectors, walbro 255lph, safc 2 wouldnt hurt but not needed if u have gm maf, dsm link would be nice, and a good wideband.

Secret squirrel wrote:^^^and headgasket...hahah


the new and slightly improved...don't piss me off, and i won't f#*k with you!!! *gggrrrr*

Last I knew...George's car was running a mid 12. I don't think he has it anymore.
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