I know of two guys building them at the present time. One is going to be a winter car, and the other ripss up the streets by this race strip near pete's tavern in a little town in western PA. If you want i can give you their contact information so you can talk to them about it.
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just curious if anyone on here had one I already have most of my parts for mine, just need to have the block bored and buy valves and springs

sounds like a intresting idea, would produce alot of torque. we are talkin about a b series right??

edit: ha i am so honda crazy!! but yea that would still yeild alot of torque from a DSM as well
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if your stroking the motor why do you need to have your block bored? stroke is up, bore is out, so are you 2.3l stroker or 2.3 bore kit?

I'm guessing without the cylinders bored a little the rod may strike the bottom of the cylinder after the stroke is added?

Just a guess.

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