omar the assin....saudi man bushur evo8

omar cool ass dude who left his car with us...he is been over seas for allmost 3 years hasnt realy been calling about the evo so me and the slum loard thought we would put it on the road for him this year ...this is a bad ass aemems powered beasts that gets driven hard...i think he is chilling with bin laden ...its all good sand brothas....enjoy

landloard babs dsm guru
H22a turbo 92 civic vx

naw not anymore...this dude has more money than davey crocketwent to su for political science and put his leather furnature out to the curb when he moved hahaha...

hahahahahahahaha. That's awesome.

I would leave some clumps of grass in the calipers for him.
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That's fucking horrible man. But it looks like the tape's gone where you said they were going to put graphics on it :up:

samn mark looks like you guys got a little flooded out there in b port.
look at all the grass on the pass. seat.
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