Neighbor's JDM EVO II

My neighbor's brother was over yesterday with his EVO II. I know it has an EVO V front bumper but trust me it is a II. The car is a little rough and ricey but it was still fun to ride in the passenger seat on the left side and freak people out going down the street. Anyway, crappy pics below.
'04 Apex Silver EVO VIII GSR

I remember that car from Carlisle (PSU year)
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Oh man, that's a shame.
.saint wrote:77 knows all. he is so wise.

i feel bad for the road. it lets that piece of shit drive all over itself.
Rodney Wills wrote:the fashion of racing is the function, so as long as you have a properly functioning vehicle, it'll never go out of style

Yeah well you have to remember it is old and back in the day vinyl was all the rage. He bought it like that, I assume off of the kid who had it at PSU, and said he is either going to sell it or repaint it here this summer. Either way it was fun for me to ride in an old EVO II and as I said it was my first ride in a RHD car and that was pretty wild.

That's fine, but being the owner, the first order of business should have been a vigorous de-ricing.
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