The Pwnage of JDMJedi's ist (UPDATE)

Today is a sad day...

I have been battling a little head cold this weekend and wasn't really happy about having to go to work this ugly morning. I got to work and when I parked my car I forgot to do something very important. I forgot to apply the parking brake.
The parking lot in question is on a nice steep downhill of roughly 10 degrees, but in the back of the parking lot it goes to about 35 degrees. I parked in the very front row of this parking lot. My car rolled backwards in a perfectly straight line about 350yds. It then jumped a 2ft high curb and finally came to rest on a fence. MY CAR IS MESSED UP!! The visible stuff I can see is this:
1) driver's side wheels: both of them are bent, hubcaps are toast
2) rear bumper: toast. rubber, so it popped back out, but the supports took alot of the force of the impact, I am concerned about them
3) rear hatch: couldn't see too much, but there is so much damage to everything else back there this will most likely have some.
4) radio antenna: ripped completely off the car. This sucker is gone.
5) passenger side skirts: fubard completely, the front of them is where a pole was wedged in so they were cracked and scracthed.
6) passenger side doors (yes both of them): these took some hits from the support pole on the fence. both doors have nice little slams in them, and are gonna need some work.
7) passenger side wheel well cover: that stupid black thing that keeps dirt from flying into your engine bay. yeah that thing was cracked open and seperated from the car.

Like I said that is just what I could see. I am certain there is some frame/chasis damage. when putting the car on the trailer to take it away I had to turn the wheel 90 degrees just to get it to go up there straight, so that should tell me somehting right?

After work a buddy is gonna take me to the body shop so I can get some pics. I will post them tonite so you guys can see it. I am so upset right now. I love that damn car. pray for me guys
2003 Honda Civic SI - Time to get to work.

OH man that sucks big time Baker, sorry. Kinda makes my fuse-blowing shenanigans look tame. But at least you're insured, eh?

You can rebuild her, we have the technology..

Hey if the insurance company cuts you a check and it comes time to buy wheels...... yaknowwhatI'msayin.... 01s...


i say get the major stuff done (frame&paint) and get the rest yourself, hunt your own parts, etc, use the extra money for aftermarket parts. Maybe even custom paint job!

SS. no the car didn't move at all. Someone said maybe the parking brake was on, just not all the way so it slipped out. Possibility.

Tenchu: got to talk to proigressive and find out their policy on aftermarket parts. But I am way ahead of you guys on that one. I am thinking of alot of things, but I may atleast be able to get the exahust done. The stock toyota one is $325. I can get the blitz one for $309. so hopefully I can get that at least.

I got pics, I just need to find the cord and I will have them up here for you guys later on tonite or tomorrow.

in my ranger when i still had it; i could have the ebrake fully engaged but it was so warn out it would have to be in gear or my truck would roll.

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