No mods unfortunately. They told me if I had mods and and clasimed them on my insurance, then they would do it. Since I don't have anything they aren't replacing anything with good stuff. I am not sure on the color. I really like that color, but if they will let me paint it a different color or do some badass two-tone, then yes I will.
2003 Honda Civic SI - Time to get to work.

Ok just got the estimate back from Progressive. Total damage was $5208.09. Not bad for how much I did. They have already started removing parts and are replaceing the wheels, antenna, and side skit. Everything is else is getting sanded down, buffed and repainted. I am being told I could have my car back by next friday. YEAH!!!!!!


Wed. the body shop called, said they were waiting on my new antenna, and side skirt. Then they would install and paint. Well yesterday (fri) they called. Everything is finally here. They were installing everything then. They said car was going to be painted on Monday, so I should have it back on Wed. YEAH!!!!

BTW: Enterprise here sucks!!!! 8 freaking shops in Augusta, not a single one has had a car for 2 weeks now. NOT ONE!!!! I call 3 times a day, and nothing. All they have are vans, and my insurance won't pay for a van. I swear I am changing my policy up after this. I hate not being able to drive. I had worked out a deal with a guy in my unit, but he blue falconed me, so I am back to walking. Oh well. I will never forget the parking brake ever again I swear to that.

good everythings gettin fixed, sucks about the bullshit with no car in the meantime though. but sounds like you'll get it back soon :)

ooo man this kinda makes me giggle.....i have done this before....and my car gently rolled into a benz..... i was out of my car and back into it before he came back to see what i had done.

but back on track. it suxs what happen BUT its cool that your getting it all fixed..how much is this making your insurance going up?
drive a 99 hatch and loving every min. of it!

MR. se7en: I am changing insurance now because of all this crap. The new insurace company is cheaper after the accident than progressive was before. That is with $100 deductables too. Crazy. Before everyone asks it is with USAA, who I bank with.

Just got a call from the body shop. Now they are saying thursday. DAMN I JUST WANT MY FREAKING CAR BACK!!!!!!!!
But no dumbass me has to not use the freakig parking brake.

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