I would definately go through them. I mean banking is great, and the insurance is unreal. My premium is now going to be $86 a month. That is FULL maxed out coverage, with $100 deductables, and 3 tickets (years ago) and my accident!!!

PS just got another call from the body shop, now looks like friday. it seems some dumbass working on my put a wrench through the new side skirts. GOD DAMN NUBE!!! Somebody tell me not to hurt them!!!!!

haha may the force be with you. god how does one put a wrench through a side skirt?! what an idiot! lol my insurance would probably still be higher then that. in the last 3 years i have 5 tickets but all together i have 7 tickets and an accident. im payin 260 a month right now for full

86/mo? holy shit. they wont take me right now cuz of my record, but shit i pay like 275 right now for full, 2 drivers 1 car

1993 RHD Impreza : Brembo : Zeal : Whiteline : Prodrive : Enkie : Cusco'd out

98exploda wrote:hit and runs are no good......... as long as no ones hurt and you dont get caught :P would suck if it happened to you though
yes it was a BUMP and run but it didnt hurt his car at all.....maybe a dent in a lin plate (maybe)

i just didnt want him to see i would of felt dump.....but hey no one hurt no one cares

how do you put a wrench threw a side skirt..had to be on purpose.
drive a 99 hatch and loving every min. of it!

No it was a philips head screw driver. not a wrench. That is what the guy said on the phone. I went to look at it last night. just a small hole where it went through. They had already gotten the new side skirt, so no big deal. actually this is all starting to become funny to me. I just have to laugh now

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