The triumphant return of the JDMJedi!!!

Hey guys!! I am back!!! Been a long time. Not sure who still frequents the site, but I was here years ago. RL friend of Matt, aka Kotomile. I had a 2006 Scion xA (ist) then. I just bought a 2003 Honda Civic Si. I am excited to get back into the game and will need some help with this car... It has some miles on it, ICW wheels (curbed up a bit) and needs a little interior work. Nothing too bad, but he put a AEM intake in it and the engine sounds nice. I will post some pics later on once I get them off my camera.

So how has everyone been??? .saint you still running the joint???

Re: The triumphant return of the JDMJedi!!!

oh no its that JEDI!
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Re: The triumphant return of the JDMJedi!!! (Pics included)

Here are a few pics of the car.

Engine shot. Doesn't look to bad, gonna play with it some more.

AEM V2 intake. Not bad, one thing I don't need now.

Rear wheel. ICW 17x7(i think) Wrapped in Bridgestone Potenza RE960 245 width (The wheels are def changing... they are curbed to hell, and ugly.

Side shot. Looks to be lowered a bit... I need to climb under her to see what's up.

Console... Gonna need a new one, this looks like crap. Part carbon fiber sticker, velcro sticker, and for some reason the guy who owned it first removed the cigarette lighter. There is a second cigarette lighter at the bottom of the console with something plugged into it... No idea what, plus I found three switches inside that I have no idea what they are for.

Sean, are you the guy who used to work at the airport with the white EK??
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