i been on the hunt for a feature for the site for quite some time now that works kind of like the ps3 trophies, xbox achievements, foursquare & untapped badges.

basically i want to incorporate a modification to the site that will reward you with a badge (kind of similar to the system i have now in the UCP but more elaborate)

for example there would be a "i REALLY love this place" badge that you would unlock for having 5000 posts. a "you might as well bury me with the site" badge that would unlock for being an active member for 4+ years. an "elite referrer" badge that would unlock after you have referred 5 members to the site, whom have posted 5+ posts each. each badge would have a unique little image and as i build the badge system more and more will be added over time.

anything from post counts to having 5+ trophies in the arcade, possibilities are endless when it comes to something like this its just a way to make the forum more active. there is a ton of features that i spent sleepless nights working on over the years.

just a thought, anyone for or against this? discuss.

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Re: awards/achievements/trophies/badges

I think it's a great idea. Gives incentive to log in and return.

I'm as guilty as anyone for not posting more content, but maybe a badge for new threads created/most images posted/etc. Just something to boost content.
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Re: awards/achievements/trophies/badges

so today i had some free time at work and i was thinking up some badges. some of the names could use a little work. but seems like a few of these would get people posting.

badge - how to get it.

jpuff - $50 total site donation (this is a total donation. can be had over time, this will also come with forum extra's in time as well as a special rank)
contributor - $10 total site donation (same as the jpuff. will also come with a few extras and a special rank)
i love this place! - 5,000 posts
i REALLY love this place 10,000 posts
elite referrer - refer 5 members to the site, whom post a minimum of 5 posts. (there is going to be a new referral mod coming to the site soon)
photo junky - 5+ uploads to theGallery
might as well bury me with this place! - 3+ years active forum member
happy birthday! - made a forum post on your birthday
extinguish me - 10+ "hot" forum topics started
arcade gold - earned a gold trophy in the arcade
arcade master - 6+ gold trophies in the arcade
all show - 15+ interior/exterior modifications added in theGarage
all go - 8+ engine modifications added in theGarage
running smooth - posted your dyno results in theGarage
beast - 350+ hp on your dyno results in theGarage
checkered flag - posted a track/lap time in theGarage
to the top - bumped a topic 5+ times
honest abe - rated 5+ cars in the garage
regular - 5+ consecutive days making a forum post
full potential - 1 photo uploaded in theGallery, 1 car in theGarage, 1 trophy from theArcade, 25+ posts & 5 topics started
get back to work! - made a post monday - friday between 9am - 5pm
insomnia - made a post between 2am - 5am
must has the jardum - 20+ consecutive days making a forum post

if you guys can think of any more or have different names for any of the ones mentioned above post er up. also if i can get this badge's mod put together each one of these will need a "icon" of the sort made up.

Re: awards/achievements/trophies/badges

i like it.
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