If you owned a domestic...

If you owned a domestic and it was your project vehicle what would it be and what would you do?

Mine would be an early 80s Chevy stepside painted blood red. Either a big block or a twin turbo small block, tubbed, and on its belly. Keep all of the original chrome including the grill. Do a cage, buckets, harnesses w/ the stock dash. I plan on doing it one day. Those trucks are so wide and look so mean on the ground w/ big meats out back.

If not that it would probably be a early 64.5 - 66 Mustang restored to original and painted deep emerald green.
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munster wrote:Rat rods are BADass.
Damn right they are. Let's just hope a little bit of "that" style isn't underappreciated on a certain other project of mine.

I'd get an SRT4, but I'm biased.

Seriously though, the SRT is a pretty nice departure from what I normally think of when I hear "domestic".


I've always wanted to do something retarded like a T-bucket with a 4 rotor and gattling headlights in the original housings, and a stack cluster...
It would be so ridiculous haha.
S14.. Currently motorless.

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