Odd. I thought I posted to this thread yesterday but now I dont see my post. Anyway, John can I snag a sticker from you this weekend? I want one for my Pathfinder back window along with all my other "tuner" stickers. You should come out Friday night. Jared is in from L.A. and it will be the holiday kick off night! Maybe I can snag one from you then. Any color, I dont care....
'04 Apex Silver EVO VIII GSR

.saint wrote:there is another sticky thread like this haha. call me.
yeah I'll call you when I get into town but make sure you answer your fn phone and above all make sure you are ready to drink hard Saturday night!!!!

[sorry a bit off topic here]

haha word.

as far as on topic. anyone who ordered stickers in the past week, the batch will be shipped tommorrow, sorry it took so long. had to make stamp runs haha.

fyi the stickers that WERE shipped lastweek got retuend to sender because im a shit face idiot who forgot to put zip coes and some reason i missed street numbers i must of been in a hurry.

OOPS! SO SORRY!!!!! re-shipping today with new envelopes so u dont gotta see all the red ink from the post office hahahaha.

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