yo, bump this back to the top. lets see thejdm take on the top dogs. the link exchange has grown, lets bump the comp out of there ;)

was sitting @ 51 but with 1 click i jumped us to #11. we need some in and out hits.

.saint, the honda EK parts jdMuseum.
i hope i grow to be half the man my grand father is.
poop.hell sideways.brigade

How the hell is that thing working?
I just reviewed the site and left a comment.
.saint wrote:77 knows all. he is so wise.

Colin wrote:we need more jdm bitches :girl:
x2. just voted were at the number 2 spot.
97 Coupe
83mm GSR w/ GT30R turbine
403whp 297tq @ 16psi

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