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Yamaha Virago XV750 chopper/bobber for sale

I am not 100% sure that i am ready to sell but I figured I would throw it up on here just to see if it will sell and what I can get out of it. The bike is a titled 1982 Yamaha Virago XV750. It is a runner. Fires up everytime with no problem. Runs very strong and is pretty quick. As for a price I know what I have into it all offers are welcome but I am looking to get 3000 obo for it. Here is what is done to it and some picture of it.
Mods: Lowered, Custom Hardtail, custom license plate/tail light holder, custom fender/struts, custom seat pan, drag bars. The gages, turn signals, mirrors, and all controls on bar except clutch and front brake were removed. Push button start. XV920 motor swap.
Paint: Motor is low gloss black, lip on wheels are red, the rest of the bike is flat black. seat pan is wrapped in brown marine vinal but i might rewrap in red.
What it looked like when I got it.

You built it? I didn't know that. :up: from me, man.

Good luck with the sale.
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