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FS 1995 Nissan Pathfinder

Looking for a winter beater? Why buy some old FWD when you can buy my Pathfinder with 4WD for cheap? I just want to get rid of this because I always wanted a Wrangler and think I am going to pull the trigger on one here soon. This thing is a little banged up in the front as you can see but could be fixed easily by anyone on here. KBB says in "fair condition" the vehicle runs good but needs some professional cosmetic work. Well that is certainly the case here! It runs great but the front end is dinged up as you can see. But KBB says it is worth $2,775 in Fair condition. I just want to sell it so I will let it go for $1,500 OBO as it might take $400 and some elbow grease to fix it up. Pics and specs below. PM me!!!
INCLUDES: Air Conditioning, Tilt Wheel, Roof Rack,
Power Steering, Cruise Control, Tinted Glass,
Power Windows, AM/FM Stereo & CD, Alloy Wheels,
Power Door Locks, Flip-Up Roof, ABS, Tow Hitch, Brush Guard, Auto trans, V6, 4x4, 160k miles, new A/C charge and brake pads last year.
'04 Apex Silver EVO VIII GSR

Thanks guys.

Yes it is a 4x4. Honestly the thing runs great but it is just a little bit beat looking. Well actually that is only up front where you can see in the pics. I think it is a great winter beater for a few years yet. Also, the price is OBO and I of course would be more flexible with my fellow theJDMers!

PS: I have a sweet sticker collection on the rear window too...lol.

if you cant sell it...rip the motor out...sell it to a junk yard...scrap it

bet you get 500 out of it maybe
the new and slightly improved...don't piss me off, and i won't f#*k with you!!! *gggrrrr*

Yeah. I am just going to drive it till the EVO comes out and get a Jeep sometime next summer if nobody buys it here. Then maybe I will scrap it or something.
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