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2. remember you are buying, selling & trading at your own risk.
3. to make the experience easier please list ways of contact in your post. name, state, email.
4. be very descriptive of what you are trying to sell/trade. pictures help a lot.

clean ass car. looks almost identical as the one jeff evans tuned awhile back except for the jdm front and mugen wing. you parting anything out for stock parts by chance?
97 Coupe
83mm GSR w/ GT30R turbine
403whp 297tq @ 16psi

I'd buy the wheels if you decide to part out just to let you know.
Race car: 95 EX w/fully built 2.0 TypeR w/GT30R turbine
1.870 60ft 11.756@124.11mph- 225/50 R15 BFG drag radials, full interior.
513.61whp 425.98ft/lbs @ 26psi VP112
tunerzine article: http://tunerzine.com/view_article/car_feature/turbokoop

salt warrior-89 toyota SR5 extended cab pick up 324,XXX & still running strong



vtecdood wrote:I'd buy the wheels if you decide to part out just to let you know.
thats what i wanted haha...ssr comps i believe

Throw those stock parts back on, drop the price to sell it quicker and sell the aftermarket parts to us haha. Goodluck with the sale man!
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