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1994 Honda Accord ex auto CHEAP! $800.00

1994 Honda accord EX sedan Automatic
235,000 miles
Grey leather interior
Black exterior
22-25 MPG

-runs and drives
-Clean title in hand
-power steering
-power windows and locks
-new axle back exhaust
-new front brakes (rotors/pads)
-new LR brake caliper
-new brake master cylinder
-new fuel filter
-battery less than 1 year old
-new L and R front wheel bearings
-new L rear wheel bearing
-good speakers radio works well

-needs new winshield
-needs 4 new tires
-needs both rear rotors/pads
-needs inspected
-needs body work
-steering wheel shakes when brakes are applied and at high speeds. (warped hubs, rotors were already replaced)
-transmission slips during shift and shifts hard
-engine has a little knock but has been running fine for the past 4 years of ownership
-a/c needs recharged
-uses coolant over time somewhere maybe slow headgasket leak. I usually fill it every 2-3 months.
-Sometimes car will not start due to what i think is the main relay...I havent tried to fix the problem but when this happens the fuel pump wont turn on. The main relay is what turns on the ecu and fuel pump when the ignition is turned on. When this happens i leave the car sit for a little then it ends up starting later on.
-In winter time the steering rack is squeeky when you turn the wheel.
-drivers side window is very slow you have to help it get back up
-acura cd player has trouble playing burnt cd's and all cd's when in cold weather

-Good beater car/ winter beater
-With some TLC it could be nice again

I have this car priced to sell. I have a 3 month old son and cant rely on this car so it has to go!

Please call Darren @ 814-207-1041 I dont have much time for emails please call
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