1. please use sound judgement when, buying, selling & trading on the forum.
2. remember you are buying, selling & trading at your own risk.
3. to make the experience easier please list ways of contact in your post. name, state, email.
4. be very descriptive of what you are trying to sell/trade. pictures help a lot.

You need to specify what you are looking for.
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munsterEK wrote:I know of a red 96-98 ex in Youngwood, PA.

i also know of this car. good seller also :up:
.saint, the honda EK parts jdMuseum.
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red =/ i found a black gsr for sale. one thing tho...inside is tan, so if i get it, gotta swap that to black. anyone know anywhere i can get stock parts/jdm parts for the inside?

i'll still never call junkyards by that name as the few times i've been there, i've found what i've needed and a few other cool things that i didn't. :)
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