with my crx b16a I hit a 15.1
with my 99 civic ex (P.O.S.) a 17.2
with my 88 crx hf single cam 1.6 12.6@111 2.0 60ft stock open diff and axles
d16z6 turbo crx 12.6 @ 111 spinning 1st and 2nd
eclipse 14b turbo

1994 Mercury Topaz

2nd best: 14.705@97.30MPH

ask for vids if you dont belive me, i can try and find a place to upload em

Never ran the my bike but I beat a twin turbo Porsche (twin T4s, on high boost). I passed him by second gear. It was from a 10mph roll. The Porsche ran a 10.42 on STREET tires.

My camaro should be the 9s by the end of the year.

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