Congratulations Eric from Hybridynamics

Winning Import Night at Pittsburgh Raceway Park. I don't know the time offhand. All I know is it was 11.7x @ 122+.

Nice times put down by Sammy too. I want to see the video of the run between you two. :up:
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thanks guys. best time of the night was against sammy. i went a 11.71@130mph which is a new personal best for me on drag radials. supposedly theres gonna be a bunch of videos so as soon as they get down loaded i'll get them up.
i belive sammys best was a 11.61@132mph with the slicks.
win or lose it was definitl a good time, not one broken axle haha. but i would have rather met sammy in the final instead of the semis.
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I was in staging for bracket when you two ran so I just got to see the times.

Some quick cars last night. :up:

eric got sweet skills congrats
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Congrats man thats awsome
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