PRP 7/19/06 - TnT ?

Anyone wanna goto TnT? I'm considering going again, I NEED to get more practice launching my fucking car, its such a pita to get it to launch, so I figure I might as well keep going back and trying til I get it right. I know new tires will help out a lot, but I'm still not sure how to launch the damn thing, lol. I've found a backroad or two and practiced just feathering the clutch at like 3500rpm or so. Any higher and I get tirespin/wheelhop.
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I'm going. :bang:
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word....see you there munster...dont forget to call jeff...and ring me when you get a chance in the afternoon too...i will be in my office
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Still no fizzucking drag radials. They were supposed to be here on Tuesday, if they dont show up this afternoon i'm probably out for tonight. :-(
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