New Mustang GTs SHOULD beat a Civic

On the highway outside of Johnstown I see a new black GT dodging in and out of traffic doing at least 80+ since I was doing 75 when he passed me. Guy was driving like an ass. He slowed down to give a thumbs up to a white convertible and I got behind him. Saw me in the rearview and had to jump on it and cut a few more people off. Getting onto another highway I passed him because he was stuck behind another car in the right lane...that angered him. No way a little black Civic was going to pass him (even though I just wanted to get to a picnic). Just as I expected he comes blasting up beside me. Really nice mustang. Looked a few weeks old if that...sounded really good too. I was in fourth, he dropped a gear to take off...his seat tilted back and was going to stare me down as he pulled away with his tough guy stare...let him get a car on me, dropped third, and pulled at least 2 cars before 4th. About five or so cars ahead of him He slammed on his brakes and his turn signal, my girlfriend and I were laughing because we thought he passed his exit trying to roll race a Civic. He didn't. He pulled to the side of a 4 lane highway, popped his hood, and was looking at the motor like something was wrong with it. I guess he thought he was supposed to beat me.
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haha he probably pulled over so it LOOKED like something was wrong with his car because he couldnt beat a "little civic" typical mustang owner
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i wish my civic could do that.... stupid
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dude mustangs are the gheyest cars ever, or at least there drivers.
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I love the sound of a well built mustang. But you're right, Bryce. The drivers are the problem. This guy reeked douchebag from when I was tailing him and he was dodging traffic. I usually don't go from a roll, but I wasn't going to back down from this homo.
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