First kill on new engine.

car: 1997 honda civic hb DX
engine fully built d16y8
boost 15psi
RC 440;s
tires street radials.
tranny 95 ex.

challenger: 1994 VW glx vr6
mods: cold ari intake, plug wires, plugs, full catback. lowered.


we started off from hoilday inn light on wayne ave in indiana. he was revvin on me and i knoew him hes a little cocky fucker. so i was like NO i gotta break it in more."i just built the bottom end last weekend" so he nods at me and smiled so i weas like ill show you you cocky fuck. and the liught went green he took off o went in 1st gear to 4500 then shifted in 2nd hes beside me and the i mashed it , i took off looking like a peterbuilt with the fuel turned up black smoke everywhere. in 2nd i hit 4500rpm and the front end lifts a little and the car pulls to the right real hard and keeps pulling so i grabbed 3rd at 6500 and mashed it agin i can hear him revving the shit out of his hitler mobile. and there was a red light at the best western its a 1/2 mile up the road from holiday inn, so i start downshifting to slow down and stop. when i was in 3rd i looked a the the boost gauge and it read 16psi and the speedo said 90. i was like nice.. , back to my forst kill .. i smoked him by 3.5 car lengths. red light turned green and he sped off. i contunied to drive along like noting happened. people were eye fucking me for showering them in black smoke. haha i laughed but im shure ill hear excuses tomrow when i see him. o well 1 down and many more to go.


"dude the exhaust on that maserati sounds like it is gonna beat you up, screw your mom, and take your chick away. That thing is mean!!!"

Glad I got out of my street racing phase. :)

Good kill.

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You'll never forget the first kill on a done engine. I remeber mine with my RX-7
2003 Honda Civic SI - Time to get to work.

boostjunkie95 wrote:Nice job on the kill Jude. :up: We'll have to line up our single cams someday before winter rolls around or hit up the track.
i need a afternoon of street tuning and a couple dyno pulls to fine tune it, but ill give it a shot. my speed sensor shit the bed. im kinda pissed about that.
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