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Okay, as mentioned in several threads, we are throwing the idear around of renting the track out for several of us to use. 20-25 or so thejdm folks and possibly their friends. Ideally we need at least 20 people to make this feasible. So please, do not say 'maybe, or might or possibly'. Right now, I'm just making sure we have enough folks interested. There is no tentative date set yet. So I'm going to speak for some of the folks I know will be definitely down. The rest of you please post in the thread saying you're in, or PM me about it.

1. robry
2. munster
3. boostjunkie95
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:up: We could make it happen with other forums too. There's alot of Honda-tech members in western PA too.
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definitely, its not limited to thejdm only, however, I'm just starting here. We just need to make sure its worth planning!

What and where is PRP?
Is it a circuit or drag strip?
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Natural Aspirations wrote:Pittsburgh Raceway Park PRP dragrace

A would definatly be in BUTTTT it would all depend on the date. You cant ask anyone to commit without a date.
and we'd have to put $1000 down to hold a date.

I'd be down I would like to get a new set of tires and practice the old launch a bit :up:
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damn it and all you guys that are across the country! LOL id go if it wasnt so far...
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