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Regardless, so what you chose on the gas. I'm sure if you ask more people especially ones who store there collector cars and shit for winter, will tell you empty tank. But if you have someone who can start it every so often for you, it doesn't matter as much. I still wouldn't trust the fuel come summer to go easy on it till its all burned up. $0.02

Re: Winter Storage.

Been storing my car in Johnstown, PA (where the weather is as bad as it gets in PA) since I bought it in '04. All I have ever done is disconnect the positive terminal, fill the gas totally full so it doesnt collect condensation, and put in the right amount of Sta-Bil. Always fires right up in spring. Then I immediately change the oil the day I bring it out. Always been running great doing that. It does sit in a warehouse though where it probably gets close to, but never to, freezing temp.
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