removing black soot from rear bumper?

just like it says in the title, I need to remove the black soot from my rear bumper. A good wash gets rid of the majority of the soot but there's a trace left behind, possibly entangled with some wax.

Oh, and I know it's running rich :) Faulty coolant temp sensor > me. It's one of the things I'm going to fix when I pull my engine next week.


claybar, I'll ask the detailers at work.
.saint wrote:77 knows all. he is so wise.

never dull will take it off then jsut throw a coat of wax on after you do that.
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tunerzine article:

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my lip is scarred for life from that n-1 i tried diff things then i said fuck it. it looks kool.


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ha the cars are tuned. and at high R's you will admitt black suit due to high boost and fuel being admitted into the engine and fuel out the exhaust.
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