E3 '09

Anyone wacth it? i saw most of the first 2 days. Going to be the best year for gaming in a LONG time.
Here's a list of cool shit you guys should look up

Microsoft's NATAL (Super dope)
Lionhead studio's MILO (super crazy)
Forza motorsport 3
Halo: ODST
Halo: Reach
Modern Warfare 2
Crysis 2
Old Republic
Tony Hawk Ride
Need for Speed Shift
The Saboteur
Heavy Rain
Uncharted 2: among theives
Assassins Creed 2
Final Fantasy 13
Ps3 motion controller (cooler than wii IMO)

The full list can be seen here:


Re: E3 '09

i been hearing about the natal for awhile. looks legit as hell.

new ps3 controller looks iight.
im pumped for gran turismo 5 and final fantasy 13.
.saint, the honda EK parts jdMuseum.
i hope i grow to be half the man my grand father is.
poop.hell sideways.brigade
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