I need paint. And some wheels.


Well, still in school full time and can't quite get enough funds to do anything major to the car yet. Saving now for a set of D2's, tired of the slammed but sloshy Neuspeed Race/stock shock combo...

Here's the car from the other week, it's just a slowly progressing deal for now.

Can't paint it yourself?
Cheaper than coilovers.
.saint wrote:77 knows all. he is so wise.

There's a big dent from where it has been hit that I can't do myself. Hopefully getting a friend to paint it soon...
Cheers fellas!


How about, you have him teach you how to spray.
Everything else is patience and "and-then-some" attitude.

Actually, it's a girl from school... I'm going to learn some in's and out's of bodywork and how to spray as well hopefully when she gets back in town. Thanks for the kind words everyone
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