Sony Alpha A350?

anyone ever shot with this camera? thinking about picking one up with my tax return, or should i save my $ for a nikon or rebel?

i did some research on it and it seems like a nice consumer camera, im not shooting anything for any magazines or anything like that i just want a good slr for shooting whatever i run across and so forth.

just curious if anyone shot with the a350?
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Re: Sony Alpha A350?

nope but i own an Alpha 100 which is the camera that started it all for Sony in the DSLR range. Sony's DSLRs are good intro DSLRs. me and a friend with a Nikon d40 were looking at each others cameras and noticed that for ease of shooting mine was better but for experience with photography his shined.

from what ive seen the a350 shoots like a pointand click with that moveable LCD screen but offers the versatility of a DSLR with the option of changing lenses. if i were to up grade right now i would go for a a350 or higher. unfortunately they never made a verical grip for my camera which allows me to extend battery life as well as have a way to grip the camera vertically with ease.

i will warn you here and now though. choose carefully when buying a DSLR and its lens. my a100 came with a 18mm-70mm lens which worked great for most of the shots i wanted and always seemed like i could get the close up shots or far away shots with out it being blurry, but changeing lenses also changes how the pictures are taken. buying new lenses isnt cheap but they are worth it if you want great shots instead of good. $700 later and i have a 100mm Macro for my camera... and now that ive seen what it can do im happy to own it. fixed lenses like my Macro are different then the zooming lenses that are usually offered with the camera. fixed lenses are based on focus. zooming lenses focus on everything and are not easy to get those close up shots where its cristal clear up close and blurry far away.

if you can get the 18-200mm lens with that body. youll be able to zoom in quite far and still get pretty close shots if needed. all i need now for my camera is a lens for far away shots and i wont need another one. oh and look into getting a UV fliter and possibly a poloraizing filter. those will help protect the lens and if you use the polorizer right it can make some great shots.
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Re: Sony Alpha A350?

i like that site. i have used dpreview for quite a few years now.

as for cameras, i tend to stick with canon. that camera was getting promoted pretty hard here in japan though. is this going to be your first DSLR?
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