Fit for me?

So I'm maybe thinking about getting a Fit. About six months ago I bought an 06 Jetta which is pretty nice but compared to my 1.8 civic that I swapped it for its kinda shitty on gas, not to mention, its a dreaded automatic. I stumbled across a Fit at a local dealership here, it was an 08 with 16k on it for 13k, $1,000 less than i payed for the Jetta. I just wanted to test the waters here and see if any of your Fit users out there have any thoughts about the 08 Fit. I've always liked them since they came out but I'm a little scared about the small engine being down on power; but I guess thats why they're so good on gas. Lemme know what you guys think!
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Re: Fit for me?

i was considering a fit myself, but i think im going the cr-z route.
i heard some pretty good things about the fits but the cr-z to me looks more 'manly' + the gas milage is a bit better. and talk about a power loss going from a wrx to a crz is going to be insanely depressing power wise.

and like every other car i own i cant own it without doing something to it, and i stumbled across photos online of crz's that really helped me decide. its gonna suck for me going from a 4 to a 2 door but with the gas prices the way they are i think thats my only option. specially seeing i will be driving back and forth to monroeville on the weekends.

have you checked KBB on how much you can get for the jetta? as well as msrp on the fit? whats all included with the fit? 5 speed? does it have the same options as your car? (power windows, cruise, fogs, navigation, and so on...) if so possibly check the price of a new one? brand new fit (non sport) starts at $15,100 & right now honda has that "really big thing" going on u can prob do some rebates.

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Re: Fit for me?

The Fit runs better than a stock motor fifth or sixth gen Civic. We got 40mpg in Ashley's when we went to the beach with it. There's tons of room in the little F'er.

Hers is a sport and we paid like $17k something for it. It was between the Fit and a Rabbit, and we're glad we went with the Fit. It has 80k something on it now, and it's been a trooper.

We were going to sell it to get her something with 4x4 (FJ Cruiser or Crv) but we're hanging onto the Fit for a while. I might even keep it for good and daily it instead of my truck.

TJ, you'd be amazed how the little SOB Fits handle too. They're fun to drive.
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Re: Fit for me?

how does that thing go in the snow munster?
i read they spin a lot cause there is no traction control.

i been digging around the crz forum for about a month now and there has been nothing but good on the way the crz handles in the snow.

tj you should join a fit forum and talk to some fit owners in your area. they will tell you what the pro's and con's of the car are. its making my mind towards the crz pretty much made up (granted some people are bias and wont talk bad about the car) but there is usually a good bit of reviews out there that will nit pick the car apart, helps make up your mind, what to get & what not to get.

Re: Fit for me?

We never put winter tires on Ashley's and it does fine. Our area is a little worse than most around here too. About the same as a Civic. With winter meats it would be great. We have no complaints whatsoever with the Fit. We love it. I would have loved to have a stick, but the auto shifts really nice, and the sport paddles work for me.

We're buying my mom's house off of her, so that's why we're looking at a 4x4 for Ashley. The ride height would be an issue in the winter on the mountain.

I'd love to Kswap the Fit, but I don't need another project. haha. I told Ashley I'll turbo the L15 like Peakboost did. haha. The little car would be SICK with 200+ whp.

Re: Fit for me?

Word thanks for the info. The one I'm looking at is NOT a sport. which is kinda shitty but the only difference I can see is hubcaps instead of rimz and the lack of side skirts, lips, and spoilers, which i'm sure I can find somewhere if I really want them. The upside is that it is a five speed. well nevermind, they just sold it =\

Re: Fit for me?

Yeah. That's a little high. If we sell Ashley's we're listing it for around $9500. It's an 07 sport, but has higher miles. I think Kbb is around 10k even with the miles.

Other than exterior stuff...I think the base lacks some interior things too. Stereo stuff, paddle shifters on the auto, etc.
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