Fit JUST arrived on dealer floors yesterday

was at the local honda dealer to find out how much the mark up would be on one of these bad boys and to see when they were coming in. salesmen was like "we just got five in today, 4 auto and one manual." i was like hot damn. the four autos sold already and the manual is sitting on the showroom floor. so i sat in it and laid underneath it. ya i actually could fit under it (well i could from the back). The car is amazing in person. the fold down rear seats is amazing. the only things i didn't like were that the sport model costs 17k and that the fuel neck is all plastic. and since the tank is in the middle of the car this is a stupid idea, i love how the sales man was like, "you know they put the tank in the middle cause all of the rear end collisons exploding the gas." suuuure what ever you say. if you get a chance go out and test one out. i wish i could have, but the guy wouldn't pull it outside for me. then he just left me to talk to his manager. i sat there for like 10 minutes waiting for the guy, then just left. looks like ill be stopping by a different dealer when my loan goes through.

Fucking w0000000000000000000000000t. Bring that shit home for me to play with. Or, I'll probably drive down by you sometime this Summer to paint the 240 with Grandpa.
.saint wrote:77 knows all. he is so wise.

i like the one in the new Honda Tuning...haven't seen a stock one...i'll have to ride up the Honda to check it out
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