Tested parts that fit...on the Fit

owner of a-jracing.com has a dope ass Fit and has bought tested/modded his car with the following parts. Here is a list of what fit and what did not.

For the parts that fit so far :
-J's Racing strut bar (front) 6 holes on the car only 4 line up (it will work)
-J's Racing rear strut bar
-J's Racing c-pillar bar
-J's and Cusco Lower tie bar
-T1R Coil springs
-Spoon header / b-pipe and N1 Muffler (little bit short because USDM bumper is longer by 1.5-2")
-T1R muffler
-JDM tail lights (wiring must be extended and some plugs has to be modified)
-JDM rear bumper (with replacing re-bar to monocoque bar)
-Spoon carbon spoiler **when the hatch all the way up, it will hit the Antenna** **rear wipers will hit the spoiler when you turn them on**
-Titanium Antenna
-JDM and Mugen door visors
-Mugen shiftboot and e-brake cover
-JDM mirrors
-Spoon blue wide mirror lens (convex)
-Mugen door sills
-JDM front rebar
-Spoon thermoswitch
-Spoon drain plugs
-J's/Spoon oil cap and rad cap
-J's/Spoon brakelines
-J's monocoque bar
J's 50RR/RS exhaust

Parts that don't fit:
-all JDM brand front coil-over suspension will not fit without major modifications
-JDM front bumper
-JDM HID headlamps
-ALL JDM hood
-ALL JDM grills
-ALL JDM front or rear bumper or lip / apron (ONLY side skirts will fit)
-Mugen hatch filler (cannot fit without JDM bumper)
-J's/Spoon Engine Torque Damper
-J's/Spoon throttlebody
-ALL JDM tow hooks (except you did a JDM conversion)
-JDM intakes (will hit against the battery becasue of the drive by wire system made the TB sit further out)

Parts that I haven't test:
-J's Racing rear cross bar
-J's Racing room bar
-J's/samco or Spoon radiator hoses
-Spoon air cleaner

UNknown - if it is going to work or not !
-Top fuel Turbo
-HKS Turbo kit
-Final gear set

:Narita Dog Fight!

Good reference for me with Pie's fit this summer.
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Why doesn't most stuff fit?? That doesn't make any sense!!! Oh well that is just the USDM man keeping us down.
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