Picked up ours today

2007 Fit Sport. Milano Red. Pictures to come.

Ashley's psyched, and I'll never get to drive it. I'm sure she'll let me wash and wax it, though. :cry:
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jdm delivery wrote:K20 K20 K20 K20 K20 K20

she will never know. we can do it over a weekend just send her to a spa or something.
I'm not allowed for 4 years she said. hahahahaha. There are other parts coming for it, though. I'll at least make it look good till it gets balls.

It's an auto w/ sport shift. There were no manuals coming into Pennsylvania for at least 8 months. And they couldn't even guarantee that. It's for Ashley...so we just got the auto. The sport shift surprises me because there's no delay. When you hit the paddle...it shifts now.

I want to put the jdm led tails in it, carbon duckbill, and put some wheels on it in the spring. Right now it has the 15" wheels. I'll get some pics tomorrow.

Definitely going to do the tails. I think the smoke/red LEDs. Probably going to get maplights, and some other little things. We already got the cargo net and cargo cover. I really want the jdm yellow fogs. We'll see, though. I have alot to do to my car this winter. Maybe just get a few things to make it more fun.

I'm seriously impressed with the sport shift. Makes it really nice on the hills around here since it's an auto with only a 1.5. Drop it into sport, pop 4th and 3rd if necessary and don't have to put up with the in and out of gear shifting.
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