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WTB: HELP 3" V-band clamp

Yo, I'm in a big bind. Have an out of town friend over this weekend to put a turbo kit on his tiburon. Problem is I broke his shitty ebay 3" vband and now I can't finish the install without it. If you have a used or new 3" vband, please let me know. I'd be happy to pay you for it and meet up with you. I'm in Johnstown. PM me or aim : rainforestrob Thanks!

Re: WTB: HELP 3" V-band clamp

we ended up getting his to work and go back on for the time being. I cut the top of the 'post' where the bolt comes through and just used a washer to make it work, its probably not a long term solution but it got him home. He got stuck in breezewood when his AEM OP sending unit blew out and shot oil through the wiring lol. He found some 24hr shop to plug it for him, it was scary, almost lost his motor.
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