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WTB-turbo kit for a B series

Alright looking for a complete or damn close to complete turbo setup for my ls. No junk stuff like xs power or ss autochrome. I have cash in my wallet and I this stuff asap. Please email me what you have. I'm mainly looking to start with the big parts. Turbo,manifold,intercooler,waste gate and bov. I'm gonna get my own oil lines and charge pipes made. As far as turbo manifold I only want a blox or inline pro. It also must be Ac/Ps compatible.

Re: WTB-turbo kit for a B series

hatch-attack wrote:This is all boob's stupid idea anyways. I'm under his guidance for what to buy.
hahaha. He knows what's up that's why. Return the favor for him and convince him to get a 450. I showed him some of my hits near the house.
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