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[WTB] JDM EG6 Parts

No knockoffs please...

White Crow front bumper
Backyard Special Front Lip
Mugen Sideskirts
16" White 4x100 Advan RG's
BLUE Integra Recaro's
HOP EG Lower Center Console (Grey)
WW RS Rear Lip

Re: [WTB] JDM EG6 Parts

good luck with that stuff.
u looking for the kevlar bys lip or the fiberglass one?

i think icb has some of the bys stuff still available? as for the mugen stuff. disco'd
icb also carries a nice variety of rg's. white crow can be had through memory fab
lower center console im going to go on a limb and say icb or ebay along with the seats. as for the rear lip, not sure who carries ww anymore. they still in business?

.saint, the honda EK parts jdMuseum.
i hope i grow to be half the man my grand father is.
poop.hell sideways.brigade

Re: [WTB] JDM EG6 Parts

Oh well now I see one some items they have price/add to cart. I guess the more rare parts (BYS, White Crow) they dont got a price.

Do you know if they made 16" RGs in 4x100? All ICB got is 15s :/
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