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[WTB] R33

I'm looking for a clean R33 GTS-T. With paperwork, doesn't have to be registered. But must be running/driving. If you know of one, hit me up!

1993 RHD Impreza : Brembo : Zeal : Whiteline : Prodrive : Enkie : Cusco'd out

Re: [WTB] R33

any specs( color preference, modded or not... etc) cause I know where there's a green one I know it was for sale but not sure how much oh I almost forgot I know it need some work (front bumper and possibly hood)... sorry bro don't know anything else about it besides the fact that its still just sitting there beside the guys garage covered by a tarp.

Re: [WTB] R33

Not too picky on the color, i'd love Black, White, or Silver, but if its an ugly color it can always be painted, lol. Mainly concerned about the condition. Nothing from a rust state either, lol.
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