1. please use sound judgement when, buying, selling & trading on the forum.
2. remember you are buying, selling & trading at your own risk.
3. to make the experience easier please list ways of contact in your post. name, state, email.
4. be very descriptive of what you are trying to sell/trade. pictures help a lot.

must read before buy. sell. trade!

these rules in the marketplace will be strongly enforced. please read carefully.

this board is not responsible for anything stated or posted in this forum. please use sound judgement if you are going to buy/trade a part from someone. it sucks getting ripped off and the only person that can prevent that is you.

please do not double post to try to sell the part. keep everyone updated on the status of the part. if its sold. delete the post or edit the post to show the part was sold.

there will be no scams allowed on the board. if we feel you are setting up some type of scam to rip someone off, your IP will be banned; no exceptions.

[note:] if you feel i have missed something that should be here to benifit you so you will not get ripped off please email or PM me and let me know. otherwise enjoy what the other members have to offer.

if you are going to be selling a part please put '[*fs*]' in the subject line along with what your selling. if you want to buy something please put '[*wtb*]' in the subject line. if your willing to trade something put '[*ft*]' in the subject line but make sure you include your willing to trade. it will clear things up and make it alot easier for people that are looking for parts.

to ensure a good sale to the members here on thejdm you need atleast a minimum of 25 posts before starting a thread in ANY of the for sale forums unless you are an approved vendor. members who do not meet the 25 post count will have there for sale thread removed & a PM will be sent.

when posting an item $100 or more.. pictures MUST be included. we dont need anyone getting burned.

it might be in your best interest to have a look over at the good & bad sellers forum http://thejdm.com/viewforum.php?f=58 to possibly check for a vouch thread or a scam thread.

the moderating team will be watching these topics to ensure full satisfaction to all the members on the site. if a rule is broken a PM will be sent and you will be givin 24 hours to fix the thread. if failure to take action to the thread your item will be removed.

new: when posting items for sale you can now make the prices and information stand out in your post with some BBCode. for example, posting the info tags before and after what you want to stand out like this...

Code: Select all

[info]asking $1,000 postage paid[/info]

will give you this result in the forum...
asking $1,000 postage paid
this comes in handy if you have a long list of parts you are trying to sell after each part description & picture you could add the info tag to make the price stand out so the people browsing the posts can skim through the posts quick.


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