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I'm thinking about installing some sidemarker's on my car. But I'm kind of worried about chipping my paint (getting paintjob anyway though) or bending the edges of the hole where the sidemarker will be. Are sidemarker's easy for people to steal? do I cut the hole smaller than the template?

Any tips?

i did mine myself and i also helped munster cut his. its a gut turning feeling putting a dremel into the fender.

ill give you a more detailed description when i get home from work.
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It definitely is gut wrenching when you touch the dremel to the paint. Best thing to do is mask some paper all over the fender. That way the powdered metal doesn't sit on the finish. I'll let Jawn do the description, though.
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if it chips the paint it's no big deal, but I would like to avoid it because I wont be getting my car painted for a couple months. I mostly am just worried about pushing the edges of the sidemarker hole back because I already need some body work as it is. I have the worst dings too ( the ones that you can barely see at certain angles in the sun) but yet they still piss you off, it makes me think the autobody shop will miss them and just paint over it. I always think I'll skip getting the sidemarkers but then when I see a car with them I start drooling... so I went ahead and ordered them. I look forward to those instructions, thanks alot guys.

The best thing to do is cut the hole a little too small at first and keep widening it as you go. Better to go too small than too big.

My side markers have the sidemarker piece and the little grey peice that twists into the sidemarker (the plug thing)... and I was wondering what do I plug it into? I dont get it... I dont know if this is a dumb question but I'm stumped.

Yes they are real JDM stanley sidemarkers. I'm not sure how to wire them. It looks like its supposed to plug into something.
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