you need to buy female wire connectors to plug into the 2 prongs on the back of the citylight socket. then wire those to the parking light on the headlights.

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I bought 14 guage wire that should be good right?

And John do you remember what female terminal you got? because I went and got the green 40A ones at autozone and the prongs wont plug into it. And it's the smallest one I could find at about 897398787 stores.

i got mine at walmart. ill find them again and snap a pic. i might have a few left. or if munster gets ahold of this thread i think he still has some in his garage. if he does ill have him snap a pic.

thanks john I'd appreciate it.

man I spent 8 bucks on the wrong ones, I could've eaten at denny's and stared at my car under the perfect lighting instead.

haha. damn 8 bucks. i just got some cheapies form walmart they were like 2 bucks. if that.

they have a blue coating at the end. and fit great.

I don't know where they are in the garage. I'll look tomorrow when I'm out there. We had to cut the coating off of one of them so they both fit into the plug.

You have to wiggle them around a bit to get them in, but they hold nice and tight.
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hmm I tried to wiggle mine alittle but I didnt want to end up ruining my sidemarker, I'll try shaving down the side of it tomarow. But pics would still help alot, thanks guys.
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