thsy usually plug right in, i know on the 96-00 they do so i dont see a reason why it wouldnt with that, you been sourcing ebay for em?

what is that out of?

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Its from a UK ESi Civic. They seem to be real tough to find with the red needles and 220kph speedo, most have the white needles :( . Yeah been checking Ebay amoung other places, eventually one will pop up I hope.

boostjunkie95 wrote:Id like to pick up a cluster like this for my 5th gen and was wondering if any model came with a 220kph speedo instead of 180. I assume it just plugs right in, correct?
All The SIR-I and SIR-II had the 220km speedo but they also had white face and orange neddles...as for a EDM or CDM cluster i'm not really sure. I have a CDM sedan cluster in my 92, but like you said it has white neddles and only goes to 180km....i'd assume that the higher model levels in those years would sport the better cluster. i has been a while since i read up on the clusters

check with hmotorsonline they always have off the wall stuff like that and they are friendly as hell
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vtecdood wrote:any luck?
hmotors doesnt have it either, just SiR clusters with white faces :( . I gave them my contact info, if they locate I'll be getting a call.
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