HID help?

not sure if anyone is running a set of h4 hids in there 96-00 civics or not? but im looking to get a set and im kinda curious some brands/prices out there that are legit. back in the day HIDs were mad expensice but lately alot of smaller companies have been getting into the game and offering sets for like $110.

just curious if anyone has any links? reviews? pics? of there setups, im trying to find one that has a good cutoff with ctr lamps. i was told i will probly need a casper shield for a better cutoff and make the beam look better and not all over the place?

also since the H4 has hi and low beam in 1 bulb im going to need a bixenon for that as well.

would like to get a set this comming spring/summer.

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airbag club retrofitted a set didn't he?
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i dont plan on retrofitting i just wanna get a plug and play kit. i cant come to hacking up a set of $400 headlamps.

Theres a guy on scionlife that sells HIDs for 130 for single beam and 260 for dual-beam and i believe he is running an EK so he might be able to help you

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Havas followed me today and his headlights are stupid bright. He's had them for a while too. I'm not sure what the kit is, though.

theres lots of stuff on hondatech. with pics and peoples reviews.

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