FN bumper gap!!!

Alright I am getting really frustrated here. I have taken my bumper off and put it back on several times for reasons like repainting the stock mesh grill and checking for boost leaks and installing my Buschur intercooler and what not. Well this time when I put it back on I now have some major gaps where it used to fit perfect. It is very disappointing, especially after I just spent quite a few bucks on cosmetic mods. I am going to order new clips and try and remove and reinstall it again (assuming the clips are fatiqued or stripped), but for now damn this looks like shit. Feel free to comment....
And here is how it fit the last time I took it off, like 3 months ago...
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welcome to the world of 'damnit to hell' i know the feeling my bumper sags. new clips are always a +

put the lip on? might be a lil moer weight then the front bumper wanted resulting in the saggg.

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I gots sag. I also don't have a bumper support due to my intercooler, but it bugs me. I'm going to end up welding something in there to hold it up.
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After you get the screw in up through the bumper and secured into the tab in the fender put a flared nut on the end of it and torque it down until the gap is where you want it. I use this trick on my Civic and it works 100%, just gotta pop the headlight out to get to the screw, nothing major.

I ordered new clips so hopefully that does it or I will put a flared nut or nylon lock nut up in there.

I still have the stock bumper support and all stock parts on the car.

The lip weighs less than one lb so I doubt that had anything to do with it.

I think what happened is the lip added a ton of rigidity to the otherwise flimsy front bumper. Because of this I was having trouble getting the bumper to bend and fit up to the fender like in the past. So in an effort to get the screws in, once I got them started I just cranked away at them until the bumper pulled up to the fender. Well at least that was the plan. What happened is the clips pulled out instead of the bumper pulling up. If the new clips dont work i will use a nut. I wont have to remove my head lights luckily. I think I can just remove my undertray and get my hand up in there. Or remove the fender lining and install the nut, then reinstall the fender lining.

What a PITA! Took a lot of the fun away from the new lip. Now I need some Advans to cheer me up again....lol :D

Thanks for the comments fellas! Spring is close and I say we organize a local Jtown meet of nothing else here in April.

yeah i just meant even if we only get the locals together, say even at Ems on a Friday night or something, we should at least do something here this spring.
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