Doors and wiring.. oh my

lips. kits. hoods. engine bay and everything on the inside talk. including sound.
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March 06, 2008

Ok.. I have a 1993 Civic EX coupe parts car. I am interested in putting the doors from that onto my 1995 Civic CX. Now my issue is what all will I need as far as wiring from the inside of the car. Will I have to run wires to the fuse box? (i assume i would have to). I want to have the power locks, windows, tweeters and speakers. I really don't want to have to cut the harness inside the door to rig it up.

If anyone has ever done this or know a site that has a step by step that would rock, and would it be possible to to install the sunroof. Or should I let a body shop take care of that one?

Hope someone has some info!! thanks
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March 09, 2008

from my understanding all fuse boxs are the same. So your car has the sockets they are just unused. So take the doors off of the coupe unplug the harness at the fuse box pay attention to where everything unplugged form so you know where they go on your car.
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March 09, 2008

should be a plug and play like knauff said. just trade the wires from the parts car and double check on your car and it should plug right up.
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December 17, 2008

dont forget the wiring going across the floor. i have to do that to my 98 hatch.
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