well, some how my vid i did on my phone didnt save. maybe one of the other guys have one from theirs. everyone had out their phones for the start up, lol.
93 Prelude Si H23 VTEC

me and colby are gonna go grab that harness n p13 when the weather gets a lil better. i can talk to my buddy and see if he will tune it. he is not a professionals but he said he does a pretty damn good job. ill call him tomorrow n i let you know

Cheap, Fast, Reliable.... PICK 2

Soooo, She's done :up: spent all morning running around though. They couldnt get the O2 sensor out so had to run up to a exhaust shop and get a bung put on. after that tuning was pretty easy. VTEC is set down at 4400 and redline at 7500. Also i take back some of the stuf i said about innovative. They are some good guys and know their shit. Stil a lil upset about not getting called about my ECU not getting finished on time but then again almost everything i have had done regardless of where it is or what it is deadlines end up getting pushed back because of random shit that happens. The short time frame which it was done kinda left no room for anything to go wrong and having their guy call in sick is kinda understandable and out of their control. but as a customer i would stil expect to be contacted if a deadline cant be met which is where my problem was.

Either way car runs strong. VTEC is smooth and the thing screams. Need to replace a clamp to hopefully fix a coolant leak but other than that when the weather gets better gonna clean some things up and make sure its ready for carlisle :up:

Sweet dude I can't wait for mine to be done. It's almost done and I'm getting excited. I'm about to post a build thread in a min.

Excellent. Glad to hear the tuning went well and the car is running great. That was a quick turn-around, you NY guys dont fuck around haha. :up:

Haha, yeah. I was thinking the same thing myself the other day. I had the money cause i had planned on getting suspension and wheels but ended up getting the head so i kinda put off the idea of getting wheels and suspension to get this engine finished, didnt think i would spend as much as i did but i also didnt cut any corners to make sure it was done right even in the mount of time it was done. In total it took a little over a month from start to finish. And from start to finish i mean start being getting the phone call that the head was available to finish being yesterday for tuning. I spent alot more money then i probally could have, although i ordered alot of new OEM parts but if i had spent more time sourcing parts i know i could have saved alot more. but i had the money and wanted whatever i did to the car to be done by april so i didnt have to worry about being without the car and have time to drive around and get any kinks out before the trip to carlisle. So far only problem have been with old pinch clamps that arent sealing tight enough and had a couple small coolant leaks. Also some how didnt have the drain plug tight all the way on the radiator so it caused a small leak even though it was only a 1/2 turn from being completely sealed :P

Brief time line from start to finish:
2-11: Was Called About Head
2-17: Picked Up Head
2-20: Head Dipped and Resurfaced
2-23: Parts Ordered From Majestic
2-25: H23 Tear Down
2-27: H22 Head Assembled/Parts Arrive
3-04: Parts Arrive
3-05: Parts Arrive
3-07: Ecu Arrive/Ordered more parts
3-10: ECU Dropped to Innovative
3-15: Picked up parts in Rochester/Last shipment from Majestic arrives
3-16: ROC guys came out and head went on
3-18: Picked up ECU From Innovative
3-25: Tunned at Innovative

Now to save some money for carlisle. Also want to be able to get the suspension and some tires befor carlisle. Once it gets closer to the end of april we'll see what i have for funds and go from there :up:

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