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And I was wondering why Buschur had "Fuck you, Protestors" on his trailer.
David Buschur
Buschur Racing, Inc.

Well guys this is going to be a long one. Make sure you read it before you jump down my throat.

First off I have been racing now for, as much as I hate to admit it, 24 years. The entire Import Scene that started back in the late '80 and early '90's was freaking awesome. I have a ton of great memories from then. The racing scene was great. I have some videos and pictures that would make you laugh. You built a car, brought it to the track and raced it. It was fun, it was raw and it was crazy.

As time passed I built my AWD into a car that had a fuel cell, roll bar, 5 point harnesses and thought it was cool. I thought it was so cool that I built a back halfed DSM and took it to get chassis inspections and made sure it was legal, becuase then I thought I was the man with this car. I thought it was so cool I went really nuts and built a full tube chassis Eagle Talon and went through the same process again. I use to love to have it inspected at the track and IF there was in issue I'd be glad to have it taken care of. It was COOL!!

Well here I am today, I haven't competed in the "Import Racing" of today in about 5 years. I wrecked the tube chassis car, got sick of the corporate BS it took to go to the track and just quit. Until this weekend I didn't realize how bad the "Import Scene" had gotten. It is filled with a bunch of crying candy ass wimps with their panties in a bunch. Their cars are garbage and put together with crap. They all think they are Professional racers and car builders apparently. I'd value my Walmart bought riding mower higher than most of the crap I saw this weekend.

Here is what has me ticked off. We all went to NOPI this weekend. Looking to have some fun. Had no idea what any class any of our cars fit into. We did go knowing that the track officials or NOPI officials would probably kick all of our cars off the track for lack of safety equipment if they caught us. The black shop car for example has to have a parachute to legally run NOPI because if you exceed 150 mph it is mandatory you pull the chute. Well it doesn't have one and we probably aren't putting one on it, it doesn't need it, it stops fine.

My RS has no rollcage and neither does Jarrod's car, both are below the limit of needing one.

Anyway, we go through tech and ask which classes to run. They put my RS and Jarrod in Power Street and the black car in Turbo 4. They go through tech without a problem.

My car is the number 1 qualifier running a 10.15, 10.2 and 10.2. The next closest guy is 10.8. Jarrod was running 12's (as usual-haha) and then finally busted out a few 11.7's, then a few 11.4's ending with a best of 11.41@130mph on a 1.9 60foot. He was having traction issues all weekend with ALL 60' foots being 1.90-2.0. He was trying to get used to the new setup and launching the car.

Well one of these whiney little punks that were in our class went to the tech officials and whined about me not having a roll bar. I was not mad that I was being disqualified, I was mad that somone who had what they considered a "race car" but couldn't beat the car I drove to the track had to find a way to get rid of my car. Now consider the fact that my car as all the door beams, air bags, it has 8,000 miles on it, is absolutely perfect and compare that to the broken down pieces of crap that were there. These POS's that I looked at were in my opinion junk. Yes, they had a roll bar, some of the welds looked like they were done with bubble gum, they had 5 point harnesses too. But they were high mileage garbage. I can gaurantee you not as safe, stable or nearly as well put together as our cars. Who's is really safer? This worn out POS or a perfectly put together car with all the factory safety equipment? That I am sure is debateable. I can tell you I would not personally drive over half the cars in the class. Hell you'd have to pressure wash them out to get me to sit in them.

After this happened I got pissed off and decided I was going to start teching some cars and turning them in. It was a joke. No scatter shields, no driveshaft loops, illegal tires, non-certified roll cages, improperly mounted seat belts, no window nets. The list is huge. It was so huge I would venture to say any car in my class could have been thrown out for something being wrong if the cars were actually inspected like they should be for this "wannabe racer class".

It was very disapointing to me that a fellow racer would turn in another car for a "safety" issue. Now I could understand it if I was cheating by doing something that gave me a power advantage like NOS that wasn't legal, alcohol, slicks etc. To me if I choose not to have a rollbar in the car I drive my kid to school in then that is my problem and if I can slide by tech then good for me. My rollbar is not going to have any effect on someone else's safety in the class or how fast the car goes. I could put a legal bar in this car that would weight maybe 50 pounds, that won't even effect the times it runs.

The next day Jarrod was also protested, he went too fast by .08 seconds, as soon as he did some school girl went and told on him and he was also booted for no roll bar.

It ticked me off, needless to say. If this is what they consider Import Racing now you can keep it. I only wish I knew for sure who they crying babies were. I have my ideas but non of the poeple I confronted had the balls to admit it, such is fact of life. The world is filled with guys that don't have a set of balls.

IF by chance I am lucky enough that the guy (s) that protested Jarrod and myself read this............to you I say, I hope that your car burns to the ground. Whether or not you are in it when it happens, I could care less. The world is full of balless whiners, a few less wouldn't hurt a thing.

If you can't beat someone find a way to weazle your way out of racing them, that's always a good solution. You freaking douche bags.

I took great pleasure in taking my protested car 25 miles up the road that night and getting a great steak dinner and then driving 35 miles back home in it. No trailer, number 1 qualifier and protested by some panty wastes all in one day, that is a good day!

To the rest of you, I had a great time this weekend and it was an absolute pleasure meeting everyone else!

David Buschur
Buschur Racing, Inc.
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You would think that someone with that many years at a track would have made sure his car was up to safety spec. I think it's mostly his fault. I'm sure there were other cars out of spec, but talk about salty. I thought he was more professional than that.

He's more complaining about the attitude of other people than the necessity of safety precautions. He stated that he's built several cars that complied. I'll side with him, going to the track should be for fun and for yourself. He's not even complaining about the tech guys letting cars slip past. Tech know what they should be looking for, but they have a better attitude, but they have to enforce the rules when bitches bitch.

Point is, I'm not a drag racer. I'll take my car to the track, but I don't want to jeopardize the 99% of my driving time by complying for the 1% of the time it's at the track. Don't like competing against my car the 1 or 2 days a year it's at the track? Shut yer fuckin' mouth.
.saint wrote:77 knows all. he is so wise.

I'm sure the protestors are going to say that they were made to safety spec their cars costing them thousands of dollars. Even if it is one day a year that a car comes to the track...if it runs a certain time or traps a certain speed...it should have to be to that spec. If it's not up to par...go home. You got your one run in.

Tech inspections usually are a bunch of bull too. It's stupid that a big event like that had poor inspectors.

If I was in a car that ran a low 10...I'm sure as hell going to want a cage around me.

Sean @ ESG wrote:were you guys at that NOPI?
Yeah. This past weekend at Norwalk. I didn't know that Buschur was protested...just saw a sign on his trailer.

The racer that protested him had every right to do so. If everyone else has to stick to the rules...so do you. Even if your last name is Buschur. IMO. If there were alot of people that weren't to spec...then the tech guys were retards and should have caught it.

Import drag racing is totally gay now. Used to be half cool.

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SoloTwo wrote:Import drag racing is totally gay now. Used to be half cool.
It's just progressing. Of course it was cool when you could run your street car just as you drive it on the street, but when 11 second passes don't qualify you have to do something to keep the drivers and spectators safe. I just think sanctioning bodies need more grassroots classes to get more cars involved. I didn't even take my car because it would have been pointless.
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