Re: The Revive!

I was just happening to be going through all my passwords and changing them. Glad this place is still up.

I am still driving shitty cars. My mind is stuck in early 2000s mod and I keep buying things from 1990-2002

Re: The Revive!

I think this might be the last JDM forum still online? It's def. not active though. I been searching around but facebook groups have killed everything. honda-tech and clubcivic are still online.
.saint, the honda EK parts jdMuseum.
i hope i grow to be half the man my grandfather was.
poop.hell sideways.brigade

Re: The Revive!

I agree with you. Maybe they will make a comeback in 2020? haha.

I'm trying to find the old "coldsteel" theme from the original days and mod it to work with the new phpbb but finding the theme has been tough. It's from phpbb2.
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