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thejdm software switch to NodeBB

Not like this site gets any visitors anymore or anything but with forums on the outs and phpbb a very dated software I been looking at other options. Discorse was one but its no longer a free open-source project and its quite expensive. The other option I looked into was NodeBB. It's a more current ...

Re: The Revive!

I agree with you. Maybe they will make a comeback in 2020? haha.

I'm trying to find the old "coldsteel" theme from the original days and mod it to work with the new phpbb but finding the theme has been tough. It's from phpbb2.

Re: The Revive!

I think this might be the last JDM forum still online? It's def. not active though. I been searching around but facebook groups have killed everything. honda-tech and clubcivic are still online.

Re: The Revive!

It's definitely different. Wanted to play around with it. You on a mobile device or something else? It works for all devices but some seem to be easier to navigate than others. Tapatalk offers a new forum service I might look into but I think it's more geared towards mobile. This site was obviously ...

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