pela oil extractor?

anyone ever mess around with an oil extractor over the old fashioned climb under the car and remove the drain plug?

im picking one up for my VW for the simple fact there is 12 torx screws holding on the belly pan that needs removed before even getting to the drain plug, also the filter for the tdi is on the top of the engine so climbing under will be a thing of the past.

figured i would ask if anyone had ever messed with this i know mercedes and bmw mostly all change there oil this way.
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Re: pela oil extractor?

i know 3 people who have had drain plugs leaking in the past year from 2 different places here in town that forgot to tighten them.
my pump & case of oil will be here tomorrow. unfortunately the bulk of filters i ordered wont be here till monday so i will have to wait and see how the extractor works.

ill snap some pics and try shooting a vid just for shits and gigs.
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