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I'll start out on saying, I know it has been for ever since I have posted. My question is will I be able to just swap out my pistons and remove all of my turbo items and it will be like a rebuilt engine and be driveable? Will I have enough head clearance for the higher compression pistons? I currently only have about 250-500 miles on the engine since the K542M815 (Wiseco pistons Compression 8.9:1) with CRS5290H3D (Eagle rods) were put into it. The bore was .20 over. There is also a block guard and a cometic 4 layer head gasket on my car. The fuel managment, gauges as well as various other items were stolen from it. I am also going back to the stock injectors and removing the fuel 10:1 riser. The stock ecu will also be back in. Thanks indavance.

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Was there major block or head decking done that would reduce clearance? I don't see why swapping pistons would give you any issues. Stock ecu wont notice the rods or .020 bore, and should run fine with stock cr pistons. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if it would run fine with the current pistons, just a bit slower.

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Exactly what Tenchu said. It would run right now, just with that low of a compression it would be a dog. If there wasn't any decking I don't see why a stock cr piston would have clearance issues.
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Re: Piston question

Thanks guys. I think I just wanted a reason to rip that motor apart that slowboy built about 10 years ago. There was no decking done and just a standard rebuild with the new pistons, rods and block guard. The head was taken apart and cleaned up but nothing new done to it.
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